Review - Arte Al Dia - Victoria Verlichak

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Daniel Abate - LEA, Buenos Aires
by Victoria Verlichak
The work of Adriana Minoliti (Buenos Aires, 1980) attracted attention when she won the Currículum Cero Award (2004), organized by Ruth Benzacar gallery.

In Playroom, a grand painting installation made up of five panels, she highlighted once again the importance of color and showed her determination to occupy space. Playroom was completed with some objects, a publication in black and white, and with ornamentation that recalled, precisely, a family “playroom”. In this almost homely atmosphere, set up in Daniel Abate gallery with walls painted in pink and matching curtains, the artist resorted to mixture. She populated her landscapes with figures with geometric edges, which broke the apparently idyllic views of nature. She shook the viewer by proposing signs to decipher and visions to unveil, which on account of their sexual connotation were far from being linear.

In parallel with Playroom, Minoliti exhibited pieces Sin título of the Fantasía series in the opening show of the Laboratory of artistic experimentation, LEA, a project of the Faena Arts Center that offers a framework for a dozen artists to research and further develop their work. Minoliti´s paintings and drawings entered into an insuperable dialogue with the work of German artist Franz Ackermann, exhibited in another room of that art center in Puerto Madero.


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