actually there is a better qustionary that Amy Sillman made as a response to the letter i sent to you befor:
showing 35% women is, sad to say, not all that bad gender-wise,  compared to many places.
But wanna feel shitty?
There is so much else one can investigate:
1. What have they bought lately for their collection?
2. How much did they pay for it, especially comparative prices of different genders/etc?
3. Did they produce a catalog for the artists they show, and how many monographic catalogs for what demographics?
4. How much do people's catalogs cost, how much for women/men/etc? 
5. How many pages are their catalogs? 
6. What # of reproductions do they contain?
7. Who was asked to write for these catalogs?
8. Who was asked to do lectures or educational stuff associated with each show?
9. Who works in the curatorial dept?
10. Which artists have the curators worked with before, especially for solo shows, and what's THAT demographic breakdown?
11. How much are curators paid?
12. What are their jobs?
13. How do they find out about artists?
14. Do they do studio visits, and to whom?
15. Who are the other advisors to the curators? 
16. What demographics are the primary benefactors to the museum?
17. How are they asked to participate?
18. Who's in the personal collections of the trustees????

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