por Marina Reyes Franco

"Adriana Minoliti considers herself a painter, yet her practice expands way beyond the canvas into feminist activism through art, curating exhibitions and editing publications. What Minoliti proposes is a transformative approach to art and life, providing a more integral vision of sexuality that takes into consideration feminist and queer theories. Her practice includes painting but also installation and photomontages, always working with abstraction and geometry as a biopolitical tool. Aside from the huge and stunning paintings in her show Playroom at Daniel Abate Galería in 2012, Minoliti has been amassing an impressive body of work with her Play G and Queer Deco series, both of which are photomontages. In Play G, which she proposed to Playboy Argentina but was turned down for being “too artsy”, Minoliti mixes naked women and geometric forms that interact with them. According to the artist, the abstract porn she works with “is post-pornographic because they mean to excite the spectator’s nervous system but criticize the statutes of pornography.” The Memphis Group, an Italian architecture and design from 1980s Milan is a clear reference throughout Minoliti’s work, but particularly the Queer Deco series, in which she places anthropomorphic geometric constructions in the midst of design magazine spreads. Most recently, Minoliti teamed up with mexican born but Buenos Aires based net artist and curator Gaby Cepeda, to create a series of gifs for an online exhibition that mixed both Minoliti’s paintings and their interests, ranging from Rihanna to cats, japanimation and the affirmation of power through sexiness."


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